Sunday, April 22, 2007

London Lexicon

Finally, here it is. A useful selection of Londonisms, as overheard on the tube, on the 'beeb,' and through random conversations on the street and in an anarchist squat.

a) Chugger: n. a person who solicits on behalf of a charity or non-profit organization, i.e., a charity mugger.
Tom: “Last evening I was walking down Oxford Street when two chuggers from Oxfam asked me for some quid.”
Leila: “Yes, they do seem to hang out plenty on Oxford. Did you tell them you were right broke?”
Tom: “Yes, I did. But not before I asked one out to the pub. He met me there later on.”
Leila: “Go on! That’s bullocks…”

b) Munted: verb impassive form. 1. to be fucked up. 2. to be old, antique-like. 3. to be rough, uneven.
1. When I woke up this morning I was munted. It was a long night out.
2. That leather is munted, it looks well used.
3. The blade on that knife is right munted, hardly useable.

c) Cash point: n. automatic banking machine. syn. hole in the wall
Eddy: "Mate, I'm rinsed. I need some money, is there a cash point about?"
Mate: "I reckon there's a hole in the wall 'round that corner."

d) Cotch: v. to chill out, relax.
Indira: "Jeannie, come on out with us tonight. The Pool is having a dancehall thing, it'll be hot."
Jeannie: "Naw, I'm well munted. I'm going to stay in and cotch."

e) Two-se: v. to halve, as in sharing something with another
(overheard at a a sandwich shop)
Tall guy with purple hair: "Can I get the veggie sandwich, hold the mayo?"
Sandwich artist: "Coming right up. Anything else?"
Tall guy...: "Mmm, yes, can you two-se it for me?"

f) Coppers: pl.n. small change, i.e., 1p or 2p.
An artist at the Sunday Up Market: "Look at him, he's going to pay me all in coppers!"
Me: "What?"

g) Tonk: adj. muscular, buffed up, i.e., like a Tonka truck.
Me: "That guy is really tonk, he must work out a lot."

To be updated intermittently. And don't miss the Dublin version coming up next week.


SubVerse said...

Novelistic Discourse according to Bakhtin?

Simon: mate, he's a right chugger, he is.
Todd: sweet! dude like, chugged that shit in under a minute.