Saturday, May 26, 2007

Luckily We Have Empire- Part 3 of 3

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Back in the Colonies

Back downtown in the colonies, the two lovers rose slowly from their deep sleep. They had punished each other passionately all night, and felt they deserved a long slumber to rest their aching bodies.

They awoke simultaneously, not unusual for this odd pair, and he went straight to the washroom. He was, after all, the proud owner of one of the smallest bladders in the commonwealth. Upon discovery of the sinister brownish, yellowish, blackish, purplish marks on his neck, arms and chest, the boy grabbed for his clothes, and hurriedly left the girl's apartment yelling ever so loudly, "Help, help, help, a vampire has sucked my blood!"

The yelling punctured the early morning silence, and she jumped out of bed, as sexy as ever in her tight blue t-shirt. She looked around her apartment, but could find no signs of the beast. From her balcony, she blew her boy a kiss goodbye as he climbed onto his bike. She couldn't understand why he was holding up a clove of garlic with his right hand, and brandishing a stake in her general direction with his left, muttering something about Bram Stoker. He had always been a little strange, she thought, but boy oh boy, could he give her great orgasms, which is where her mind wandered to as he drove off. She asked herself, loud enough for her downstairs neighbour, who was working on harvesting her pot plants on this fine fall day, to hear: "When is he next going to bury his head between my legs? When?" After repeating that about five times, she finally heard herself and thought that her sentence structure sounded a bit queer.

Once at his place, he searched frantically for something to cover up all traces of his encounter with the said vampire. He didn't want to be identified as one of them, he knew he only had a few hours left before he became one of the walking dead. He chose a red jacket he bought in London town several months beforehand. Upon zipping it up, he looked at himself in the mirror, and thought, Damn, I look good in this jacket. Why the hell don't I wear it more often? Maybe now I will.

He pranced around his house for the rest of the day, taking every opportunity to catch a glimpse of himself in the mirror. He never once thought about vampires again. In fact, his thoughts were pre-occupied with fantasies about his next trip to London town, where he saw himself buying a dozen more jackets and making out with the Queen Mum, who he had always had a repressed crush on.