Saturday, May 19, 2007

There's Something About Dancing

The pulsating music, the moving bodies, the smell of sweat sticking to your nostrils. There's something about dancing in a hall full of complete strangers that's so therapeutic, almost spiritual. It's so easy to get lost in the moment, in the beat. The best dance party in Ottawa happens every third Friday. It's got a cool vibe, not a meat market, queer-friendly, just a bunch of kids letting it loose on a Friday night. Oh yeah, did I mention the breakdancers and the graffiti artists?

In describing the night, one of my friends said people were genuine and I think that sort of captured the scene tonight. Nobody pretending to have fun here, just those who appreciate good DJs and DJs who appreciate the crowd. After a year since starting up, Timekode has now become an Ottawa must-do for any cool kid who digs dancing. Great on the organizers for having the courage to set this up, it was slow going for a little while, but no longer, the house was packed tonight, so get there early next time.

Timekode, every third Friday of the month, at Eri's Cafe, Somerset (just west of Preston), Ottawa, Canada.


Adam said...

That's so nice! Thanks for the kind words!
might i add...
(free mixes, mailing list, stay up!)
(Blog, photos, our friends)
(Our official unofficial photographer, Revolushuney, sick with it.)
Thanks again!
Adam White ( Adm ) Timekode