Wednesday, July 4, 2007

The Elmer Ferrer Band at Bluesfest

Closing out the first night of Bluesfest was the Elmer Ferrer Band. Ferrer, the lead guitarist in the band, is recognized as one of the most talented guitarists in Cuba, and perhaps the most talented electric guitarist on the island. He didn’t disappoint the large crowd pouring out from the Van Morrison show, as he dazzled with his blues licks.

In addition to Ferrer, the band features Roberto Riveron on bass guitar, another of Cuba’s hidden musical wonders. Together, they form a dynamic duo, playing off each other’s blues riffs to the crowd’s delight.

The famed blues guitarist Tony Dee also joined them on stage, and rose to the occasion, showing off some impressive blues guitar solos. Together with the EFB’s singer and rhythm guitarist, they had people moving to the roaring sounds of the rumba blues. It was a nice switch from Morrison’s more mellow set, as the EFB, featuring Tony Dee, played a series of harder blues lines.

The EFB plays Bluesfest later in the week as well, so if you missed them this time, check them out before they’re gone.