Sunday, July 8, 2007

Jetplanes of Abraham at Bluesfest

Amazing. The Jetplanes of Abraham are a must-see for everyone who hasn't been fortunate enough to do so yet. These Ottawa-based rockers are quickly making a name for themselves on the Canadian indie music scene with their multi-instrumental melodies and their fun stage antics. Think The Broken Social Scene meets The Arcade Fire in a field along the 401 outside of Kingston, Ontario, at the exact point between Montreal, Toronto & Ottawa. Can you hear the pulsating rhythm, better yet, can you feel it? That's the Jetplanes, all slow melodies broken up by a furry of power chords and strings, with some hand-clapping and chanting thrown in for very good measure. You know the musical break is coming, you can sense it in the air, just like a good mystery story, you know the hook has come and gone and the story's going to take a turn for the shocking, but it matters not, if it's done well, you're along for the ride. That's how I feel about Jetplanes, it was the second time I've seen them, last time at a smaller venue in Ottawa, and this time I'm hooked. I'll be scouring the local papers for when they're playing in town next. I suggest you do the same if this genre of music appeals to you.

I had two relatively minor problems with the show. The strings need to be more prominent. There were a couple of songs where the strings were completely drowned out by the guitars, which was unfortunate, because I think they could've carried the song, perhaps even brought it into some new territory. Also, give me some background vocals! I don't think I ever heard the women singing background. I saw them, but it just didn't translate to a sound. Too bad, we could hear all the boys fine, I think hearing the girls would've been nice. In other words, give me more of the girls, both on vocals and on strings.

Go see the Jetplanes of Abraham the next time they're in town. They're hot, and they'll get you moving. Promise.


Anonymous said...

If you like super-derivative bands who somehow manage to look like a marketing ploy while they play...then yes, I suppose Jetplanes are kind of decent.

Anonymous said...

they are jiving, grooving, lovely and FUN!

love you folks!

keep on jamming~~

élan vital said...

I suppose one can tell I agree more with the latter comment. JPOA are playing in Montreal Saturday night (july 14th) at the divan orange for anybody out there who might be interested.