Tuesday, July 3, 2007

On Composting Toilets and Thunder Boxes

When using a composting toilet, one should never throw trash or anything other than your digestive by-products into the hole. Never. (Lake Superior Provincial Park- Agawa River)

When using a more traditional outhouse, one should never throw garbage into the hole. In fact, someone often needs to fish out your garbage amongst the other shit in the hole. Very inconsiderate. (Algonquin Provincial Park- Shall Lake)

When using a back-country thunderbox, one should never throw garbage into the hole. This encourages animals to jump into the hole after your garbage. Of course, if you're feeling rather annoyed with a particular animal species, perhaps the often revered red squirrel, this is a perfectly reasonable, ethical response to their incessant perturbations. Throw your waste into the hole along with your digestive by-products, and watch them swim their way out. It can take a while. (Algonquin Provincial Park- Booth Lake)