Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Eating Vegan in Harlem

There we were, just arrived in Harlem, and we were headed down to the local vegan restaurant- Uptown Juice Bar (54 West 125th Street just east of Malcolm X).

What a treat, amazing vegan soul food and fresh-squeezed juices in the heart of Harlem, only blocks away from the busy Malcolm X corridor. My favourite was the faux BBQ chicken drumsticks, perfectly seasoned, like no BBQ sauce I've ever had before. Another favourite was the fake fried chicken stir fry mixed in with plantain, well-suited to my vegan palate.

In addition to the succulent spin on southern home-cooking, the Uptown has a well-stocked juice bar with well over 30 separate varieties of fresh juices. I chose the papaya & pineapple hypertension mix, which was sweetly refreshing.

Uptown Juice Bar is a popular spot for a good reason. Check it out the next time you're in Harlem. Large plates with four food options cost $9, while a large juice goes for about $4.