Monday, April 30, 2007

Goodbye Ireland

I wouldn't say I went out with a bang, but I did have a splendid day out in the Irish sun along the coast north of Dublin. The sweet smell of the Irish Sea gently embraced me as I walked around a few small towns in the area. I always forget how seducing the salt-water smell can be, until I find myself within its spell.

My time in Ireland is coming to an end. The conference on the weekend was a great experience, one I will no doubt remember fondly. The rest of my time has been relatively uneventful. My friends in London were right, I chose perhaps the only city in Europe that is more expensive than London. The verdict is out on whether this is true or not, but I have continuously been both amazed and dismayed by the Celtic Tiger. This is not exactly the Dublin I thought I was visiting. My Irish highlight was visiting the countryside last week, and again today. Interestingly, the crashing waves of the Irish Sea reminded me of the lilting green valleys out in County Meath. Seeing both shining in the sunlight was a treasure.