Monday, April 30, 2007

Views of Dublin

The Spire of Dublin, the world's tallest sculpture, was commissioned to celebrate the millenium, but wasn't unveiled until 2003. It is also known by local Dubliners as the 'Spike,' the 'Spire in the Mire' (referring to O'Connell Street's unsavoury reputation), the 'Stiffy by the Liffey' (it is within sight of the River Liffey), and the 'Nail in the Pale' (the 'English Pale' was a 20 mile area around Dublin that the English fortified to keep out Gael incursions), among many others.

This street performer is at it every day in Temple Bar, a trendy area of Dublin frequented mostly by European tourists and an absurd amount of people getting trashed in Dublin with their closest friends before they get married.

A footbridge over the River Liffey leading from Temple to the north side of the city. Even today the river demarcates the poorer districts of the city from the wealthier.

With the River Liffey in the foreground, we can see the monument to Daniel O'Connell at the head of O'Connell Street in central Dublin. O'Connell was an early 19th century nationalist who championed non-violent resistance to Engligh occupation. He is known as the 'Liberator' or the 'Emancipator'.


Tara said...

these are beautiful darryl! I look forward to seeing you when you are back.

James Bond said...

superb photos! You are coming back to a sunny Ottawa, looking forward to fishin' on the weekend!