Friday, July 20, 2007

10 Day Diagnostic Update

As some of you might know, I track visitors to my blog using both Site Meter and Google Analytics. This morning, upon waking up from a relatively deep slumber, I decided to give regular updates.

Since July 9th, here are my ten most popular page views (484 in total), according to Google Analytics:

1. my home page (53.7%)

2. my 'hawksley workman at bluesfest' review (16.3%)

3. my 'bluesfest 2007' label (4.75%)

4. my 'my photos' label (3.3%)

5. my 'jetplanes of abraham at bluesfest' review (2.7%)

6. my 'bluesfest photo essay' and my 'short stories' label (1.7%)

8. my 'random musings/poetry' label (1.4%)

9. my 'gogol bordello at bluesfest' photo montage (1.2%)

10. my 'cat power at bluesfest' review; my 'luckily we have empire part 1/3' short story; my 'en francais' label; my 'film reviews' label (1%)

Thanks to all those who visited my blog in this period, I had nearly 300 visits from nearly 200 visitors over the 10 days, most of whom were new. For those bloggers out there interested in obtaining information about their visitors, I'd suggest google analytics, it's user-friendly and full of timely tid-bits of info. Don't hesitate to ask me for a tutorial if need be.