Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Fun in the Kawarthas

The Kawarthas, an area north of Peterborough, Ontario, is renowned for its series of lakes and its countless chains of cottages, built by hungry southern Ontario (think Toronto, Oshawa, Hamilton, Burlington, Markham, Thornhill) urbanites looking to escape the toxic fog that envelops their city homes during the short summer months. Or perhaps it is peace and tranquility that city-dwellers search for amongst the pines and dark ochre-tinged waterways.

Regardless, I was lucky enough to be invited to one of these impressive country homes on the Trent Severn Waterway last weekend, near Stony Lake. While the setting was quite lovely, it was to my dear friends that my attention turned, thankfully, because the buzz of powerboats and the sound of house boat revelers was never far away.

Here is a collection of photos from my brief sojourn, the most memorable moments being the impromptu dance party (thank you Shout Out Out Out Out), the surreal star light show Saturday night, and the opportunity to break bread with three of my favourite people.

AM seems to have captured me in mid-flight on my perilous fall from grace.

Having ever so gracefully (!) hit the water, I disappear amongst the crustaceans and the plentiful smallmouth bass.


Denise said...

Your fall from grace photo actually exudes with gracefulness. I had to look at the close-up to tell what you were - I thought at first that you were a hand.

I just love how we are completely oblivious to your starting and end points.