Sunday, May 4, 2008

Canoeing in the rain

Yesterday I could think of little else. My beautiful green canoe beckoned all the way from Constance Bay, where it is lovingly stored at Mom & Dad's place. Though it seemed like less-than-ideal paddling conditions from the city, little did I know it would be near hurricane conditions out on the river. Damn, I drove out there only to find that the whitecaps were out full force. I waited an hour and the gales seemed to die down, but then, just as a I strapped my PDF on, they whipped up again. Both M&D insisted I not go out, and though I was close, I decided to continue planting beans, peas, onions and asparagus with my Dad. In the end, this turned out to make for an enjoyable afternoon.

But the water still hollers my name, and my body aches for being on the water. I need a name for my canoe, if you have any ideas, drop them my way.